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A Problem with Full Tilt

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A Problem with Full Tilt

Post by bbc008 on Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:40 am

here's kinda the circumstance:

3 roommates....using FT

3 roommates....using FT (A,B,C)

C told A&B about FT, cause he's been playing there for a long time
Then A & B signed up also
About 2 months later, C moved out.....(owed A&B some money too...but can't be found now!)

2 other roommates kept playing on FT for about 2 more months
the 2 roommates have never withdraw...always making deposits....

coming towards Christmas, roommate A needs money
roommate B owes A money

roommate B then transfers $800 to A's account
then roommate A tried to do a withdraw for the FIRST time (cause they kinda suck and never has withdrawn)

2 days later, both their accounts are closed
both roommate A and B writes to FT

they get response saying under investigation
they read more into FT rules.....and they think it might be about how many people under the same household......

They write back to FT cause after 1 week there's no reply
A get no response
B gets a response saying if he can't wait they can send him the money

keep in mind:
A is withdrawing $800
B has $2.15 or so left - and the money used to be in B's. He transferred to A for him to withdraw

FY response to B is simply it takes time, if u can't wait, we'll just send u the money left in the account

in the meantime.....A, after about 15 e-mails....get NO RESPONSE....ABSOLUTELY NONE

A has deposited over $2,000.....but can't get a response cause he's trying to withdraw the $800 left in the account


REAL suggestions too please......
I've already should ask a lawyer, but he'll probably charge you a whole bunch and end up telling you to drop should JUST WAIT to see what FT says.......wait until when?? next Christmas??

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Re: A Problem with Full Tilt

Post by NicolasWSOP on Sat May 23, 2009 11:28 am

Have they gotten back to you yet?
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