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PokerStars Gives Back to Players with $300,000 in new freerolls!

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PokerStars Gives Back to Players with $300,000 in new freerolls!

Post by datsme53 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:49 pm

PokerStars has a new Promo! $300,000 worth of Reload Freerolls!

5 $2k freerolls a day and you can enter every one of them if you wish! Finsihing in any one of them ITM gets you a ticket to one of 5 big $20k freerolls at the end of the promo(June 26th I think lol). Only requirement is that you make a minimal reload deposit(only $10 if you use credit card)

I went ahead and did the reload to be able to play in some of these. I
think I can do 2 of them in the evenings if I'm able. It's a good
deal.. don't know how easy it might be to finish ITM though until I try
some. Up to 20,000 may be entered, so it might take more of an effort
to be ITM, but hey.... it's a 2k freeroll 5 times daily and a 20k
freeroll if you finish ITM in 1 of them. Might be worth it just to try
for sure. $10 is all it takes to deposit if you can use a credit card.
I had to use the $25 route because my credit card won't allow gambling
payments. I did the e-check thing like I did when I made my first
deposit a year and a half ago. Not hard to do at all.. so come on Felt
Fanatics... get in on some of this free money! Smile

little hint: PokerStars says it is a Reload Promotion. So it is not for
first time depositors, but you can make more than one deposit of $10
each and get in on it. So... yeah... if you haven't deposited before...
you can still do it... just make a first deposit .. then do another for
your reload... They are making it easy to do this ... so take advantage
of it and give it a try.
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