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Post by LPFAN4LIF1 on Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:23 pm

Hey guys, im a poker player and lover just like all of you, and i know at times like this its hard to get poker chip sets for cheap, but here is a way to get it for FREE, and thru to boot!!! check this site out its called points2shop and all you do is play either games, do offers (really easy, but sometimes long), do surveys, and get people referred. ive already got stuff from it, and its not just limited to poker chip sets, you can also get books or videos, but you can get just about ANYTHING!! im in the process of getting an MP3 player, its on my goals list. people have gotten PS3s, Xbox360s, iTouches, PSPs and more, but i know you can get free poker sets so this is the next item on my list (aside from my MP3 Razz) check it out, for proof tht you actually receive this stuff, just youtube 'points2shop proof' and there you will have your answer, also, within the next 5 days, check my youtube account 'LPFAN4LIF1' and you will find my proof video, because i just got a CD that i lost long ago BRAND NEW!! heres the link guys, enjoy, i know i am Smile OHHHHH and when you refer people, you earn MONEY!! which you can cash out!!! via paypal or check!!!! this site is the real deal!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?! Build a bankroll for your online sites or for your pocket just by getting your friends and family to sign up Smile
any other questions you can just email me at or message me from that site or post your comments here. also - anyone who signs up and orders something, comment back as proof so people who are skeptical can see how this site is the real deal and not a scam. thanks all, good luck at the tables and hopefully ill see you around the site Smile
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