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Pitbull is gone in the dead of night and owner arrested

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Pitbull is gone in the dead of night and owner arrested

Post by Surf Rat on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:08 pm

After hearing of Pitbull poker here and the DH games offered I looked into them (for deposit/withdrawl methods etc.) and was immediatly taken aback by accusations of scaming/multi accounts/super users and cheating going on and a investigation going on into them by a number of players of the site.
I was going to post a warning about what leads/rumers/acusations I had come across from my search's and info I got from some other forums.But now the word is out and the RATS are running and the site has shut down....tho the owner Kevin and close associate Jordan were arrested at 3:am (local Costa Rica time)takeing computers/servers/papers etc. out of thier offices after police were alerted by employees who had come by to see what was happening after the site shut down suddenly.
A lot more is sure to come out about this whole mess and I hope If you have money there you will be able to get it out .... keep trying to get on as some players have reported they have been able to login at times and request cashouts but no telling if they will be honored by Pitbull at this time amidst the resulting confusion.
another black eye for online poker
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