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Attention ALL Members

Post by NicolasWSOP on Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:51 pm

WTOP (World Team of Poker) is a very fun poker league with alot of great players. Currently, our

team is in second place with a 5-1 Win/Lose record. The first place team outnumbers us by far,

and we need more people to join us to help defeat them. League play takes place on FearNoAce

poker, which can be downloaded by clicking one of the links here on the Donkhard site. You will

also need to sign up for WTOP at You will need to request

membership to join Donkhard, and once you are accepted, you will be good to go. League play is

every Saturday at 3PM ET. It is a $1.25+$1.50 buy in. For participating in league games, you will

be rewarded with freerolls every week, as well as extra freerolls if our team wins our games. The

top 3 forums at the end of the competition will win tons of money for their forums, and bonus

freerolls. Please help us by joining our team and funding your account at FearNoAce poker, and

make us the best team ever!
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