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How Much have you won?  Empty How Much have you won?

Post by alex weber on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:23 am

How Much have you won?  Icon_study I just want to know how much have you won playing on line poker? VIP-casino

what was the most you have won playing in a online tournament?
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Lets see, I got 2nd in a tournament on Bodoy and I did have to pay to get into it but I won 85.00 and I got 2nd place in a nother tournament on Bodoy but it was a freeroll and I won 75.00 casino roulette

I have not won nothing real big as you can see.
When you play online casino, you always have a chance to win a large sum - jackpot. Some online casinos have the size of the jackpot prize in conventional large international casinos, but in others they are in the millions of dollars.
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Most jackpots can be won by playing slot machines - slots. Now many online casinos have so-called progressive slot machines, where the jackpot is constantly increasing. And sometimes they grow even at the expense of several casinos, which are networked to the jackpot was higher. For poker

Chance to break a big jackpot is larger in the online casino, where such gains are sufficiently frequent event. And more. Probability of success is determined by the ratio of rates and wins. The higher the rate, the greater the chances that you win the jackpot.

Online casino from the fact that wins and the process of its formation makes this show. Recently, many players watched as the increased progressive jackpot slot «Beach Life» in the online casino «Joyland Casino». With less than an amount of three million dollars, the jackpot has exceeded all records of online casinos. But he continued to grow. Every day, this jackpot would add about 30-40 thousand dollars.

Finals history came when the jackpot close to four million dollars. For a moment Sylvia P. from Canada, which has long played in online casinos «Joyland Casino», became a millionaire.

Jackpots in online casinos entice customers to its dimensions. The higher the jackpot, the more likely they are frustrating and more will be in this part of players running after the millions.

Yet jackpots frustrating every day. But the appeal of this does not change. From one player to another pass rumors about multi-million dollar winnings. Therefore, the excitement of online casino players never cools.
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After winning the jackpot it still needs to be cashed. In some casinos that have proven themselves and are known in the Internet, it is not difficult. But the other may be a problem. So, choose carefully casino.

alex weber
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