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hello datsme53 from jimmyd1953

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hello datsme53 from jimmyd1953 Empty hello datsme53 from jimmyd1953

Post by jimmyd1953 on Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:47 pm

i looked at your profile and u were born in 1953 , same as me. i play a lot as datsme can testify. 2 days ago placed 1st, 2nd and third in freerolls, won 62$. most won 700 live in 1977. most on line 260, 220, 140. badugi is my favorite game. teach golf, travis bertoni on nationwide tour is a dad is a pro, larry dahlgren , has made over a million playin poker in his life, but lost it all back on sportsbettin addiction. i learned heads up from him, 6 card stud.

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