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How to deal with giant downswing

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How to deal with giant downswing

Post by eduard879 on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:31 am

If you have a wonderful physiognomists, can distinguish the behavior of bluff, and keep themselves impervious to any kind of situation, online all these your wonderful, developed skills over the years, nothing. There, in front of you only nicknames of players, but the abstract pictures, the only information available to you - the rates and outcome of the game (players cards are usually at the end of the game is not open). The same thing they see, and your opponents, so you can
scratch card

for joy when you have a good map, the result will not be affected.

Online, greatly increases the importance of mathematical skills players. If in real life it is important to guess what a map of the enemy and not to disclose his own, then online it can be done. Yes, you can determine the manner of playing the opponent, but who can guarantee that here, in this particular situation, the "maniac" is not on hand, great maps? Or that a cautious player suddenly decided not to bluff? So it comes to the forefront the ability to choose the right card, which costs come into play, the calculation of the probability of getting you the right cards, the calculation of the probability that the opponents have the best combination, etc. If you're a good mathematician, then your chances of online is much higher. No, psychology is a bluff, change game tactics are no less important, only to unravel them is now much harder.

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Re: How to deal with giant downswing

Post by datsme53 on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:32 am

Well.... more time off may be the answer. Sounds like your having a definite poker nightmare. I'd get completely away from the puter so you don't get tempted to play at all. Stay active though. Don't just go watch a lot of TV and lay around. Do something to stay active and occupy your mind with a totally different activity. After you have refreshed for a while, go back to playing and try some other games much different than what you normally play. When you feel the need to switch back, it's likely that things will come around. Many players that hit bad streaks get away, but don't do anything much..and it still will eat at them while they aren't playing.. so be sure and keep active doing something else... then make the trip back to poker. Good luck!


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