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Who won?????????

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Who won????????? Empty Who won?????????

Post by alex weber on Fri May 20, 2011 6:05 am

Following the article the author would like to ask the same question: to try or is it not worth it?

After reviewing this article, I initially was not even surprised. Everybody knows, I thought, you can with a great chance to win $ 1,000 and the low probability of losing a fortune. And only then I realized that this is not about status, but only about $ 315! What is it? Is finally found the philosopher's stone? Unfortunately, not found - has crept into the article a serious mistake. Imagine that we put $ 5 on the Six-line and lost. Double the rate ($ 10) Fortuna with us, we win.

to the author, as a result of these two spins, we just got rich at $ 1. But alas, it is not. On the second spin our prize was only $ 2, and before that we lost $ 5. In order for a game on-line Six earned Martingale, you should not double the rates, and increase them to six times! In the second should be put back not $ 10 and $ 30. And if you lose, the following

backs will have to put 180, 1080, 6480, and finally 38 880 dollars. In order to withstand these blows, you must have capital of $ 46,655. Concluding the article about the new coming of the martingale, it would be written like this:

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