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Good sites for U.S. players

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Good sites for U.S. players

Post by artur11 on Sat Nov 19, 2011 12:25 pm

Let me preface this by saying I am aware of black Friday and I realize I am late with this question and I am sure there

have been other posts that have touched on this, but couldn't find any in the few minutes I looked. What I am looking

for are good sites to play at for real money. I was listening the podcast last month and heard Bodog, Cake and Merge

were the main remaining three for U.S. players, but the're always the risk those could be shut down too. Can anybody

offer any more insights, advice I what site to use. Possible questions...

1. I currently use Bodog, but aren't they not doing business with u.s. customers come january 1?
2. I want sites that have many players so I can get my game at 3am u.s. time if i want, no bots, quick payouts

(relatively speaking) (prefer moneygram/western union), many table options (at least as good as bodog-sit n go, big

tournies, micro to high stakes, some soft games, good rep

p.s. i realize this is a noob question, but if you could spare me the insults and please try to be helpful. thanks

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