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Complications Plague Merge Network Software Upgrade

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Complications Plague Merge Network Software Upgrade

Post by datsme53 on Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:15 pm

Complications? Plague? The disease that has struck Merge is self inflicted. It's called trying to keep up with the Joneses(Lock Poker lol). Seems that Merge decided to put in this new software upgrade come hell or high water. The flood of "happenings" that have incurred on the network have Merge's skins struggling to keep their noses out of water... hot water lol! The news doesn't get much better either. It seems that Merge is planning on having "several weeks" of "frequent" updates to drain the flood waters. Here is a paste of some of the news from Pokerfuse(an independent online news).

"Network suffers from extended unplanned downtime after critical bugs emerged with its new poker client.

The Merge Gaming Network’s significant upgrade yesterday to a new software platform, version 6.0, encountered extensive difficulties that resulted in a longer-than-expected downtime for the network. A handful of ongoing issues will likely be resolved via patches in the coming days and weeks.

Australia-based Merge Gaming, with its flagship brand Carbon Poker, planned to introduce several new features simultaneously with the rollout of its new 6.0 platform.

Among the software’s new features are advanced “selector”-style game filtering, expanded lobby and search capabilities, and game-list expanders that serve as a toggle to access extra information about a given table or tournament.

Unfortunately, significantly problems emerged when the new client version debuted, with the site’s players reporting numerous major issues from excessive system lag and failure of the Mac version of the client.

Significant problems with table sorting and secondary-information displays were also encountered, along with player-to-player transfers and table-mode capabilities.

High-volume players also reported their third-party HUDs (heads-up display programs) stopped working, though third-party add-on failures are often the natural by-products of a change to a radically new software platform.

Merge spokespersons monitoring the new rollout confirmed many of the difficulties and promised that fixes were in the works, but without an immediate timetable for any specific issue.

As a result, the network’s players can expect frequent software updates over the next several weeks, with Merge working to make sure the productivity of the new software matches the buzz created for the new rollout."

by Haley Hintze
June 06, 2012


Says that "fixes were in the works, but without an immediate timetable for any specific issue"! WOW! I am beginning to really know how a guinea pig feels now! Seems to me they are admitting to just throwing this out there and thinking that the players can suffer through the backlash until they get a handle on it... "several weeks of updates" to fix it... How do you like them apples?
(no pun intended for MAC users there lol)


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Re: Complications Plague Merge Network Software Upgrade

Post by NicolasWSOP on Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:50 am

Merge did have some complications with the release of their new software, but everything seems to work well now. They are still patching up a few bugs with the help of player input, but the software still works fine. Personally, I love the new software!
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