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Post by Virgil on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:11 am

Devoid of any external light poker tournament in spirit much closer to those who want to win, not just to play. Maybe not so cool to click the mouse as a pinch in the institution waitresses. However, much more profitable. Here's why.
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Concentration. When a player is at home, then all the distractions out of the game disappear. Nobody yells in my ear, no squealing because of its failure, not hear soothing hum. Do not circle the room beautiful girl. Do not play catchy music that not only lose, but die not shame. Of course, the house probably have a wish your drink with blood at the time of your battles with the electronic roulette. Wife or, for example, a dog. However, this is not it - because such interference is easy to handle.
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Sober eyes. Spend several hours in the casino and not drink - a force not to each ulcer. After all, is itself a hike in blackjack online is perceived as a kind of secular outing. For people to stare and be seen. But here the atmosphere of general merriment. Relaxed atmosphere, music and free beer. And sooner or later be overthrown ryumashka. Well, all the buildings are commonplace. What to take home. There is an atmosphere of fun. No home is not pouring. A cool head, obviously, is much calculating.
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No make-games. Regardless of our desire to be a game for the public, if these people are in stock. Sitting next to a beautiful and lonely blonde everyone wants to impress her. You can, of course, and resist, but not always. Spin as somersaults in front of his own wife (now that she is behind) does not necessarily. She is waiting for your final result in the form of coats, for example. Or a full refrigerator. And besides, she saw you, when you cut it on paper, crying. To impress her single rate is impossible. And from your game disappear thus completely unnecessary rate type "I always go into the pros," but think I will risk everything "other similar stuff.
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Professionals probably not a hindrance. But for me the above factors are often decisive, and therefore decisive. In other words, I often lost because of this atmosphere. And getting rid of such tinsel extremely important to me. What I actually do, including a computer and sitting down in his chair crushed.

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